I am not a cool kid.

There comes a time in ones life where you find yourself sitting around asking questions. My question? Why am I not a cool kid? I have all the right traits; I am interested in all the right things. I have the right attitude, the right career, the right music taste. I go to all the same events as the cool kids. I am artistic like the cool kids. I even know the cool kids and we are friends. But not friend friends, just like oh hey ye I know that girl from somewhere friends. Is it because I’m not confident enough? Maybe they think that I am faking? When in actual fact, all the deep things they aspire to, I live each and every day. Am I not laid back enough? Am I supposed to give less of a fuck? Where do you define the line, in actual fact where the fuck do you find the line of caring enough but not giving a shit? Like I support PETA and am a vegetarian, but hey man you can get hammered and shit over your parents every weekend, all cool right? It just doesn’t make sense. They all hang out together with their killer fashion sense and their quirky accessories. They’ve been friends for years and have the ultimate bonds, and somewhere along the line they’ve all hooked up with each other. How do you become one of these cool kids? What’s the trait? I feel like I have lived the same way- I was born and raised in the same town, studied in an artistic field, alongside them even, I had purple hair before any of them even thought it was a cool idea, I’ve read the books they’re reading and had 5 pairs of different glasses before the age of 15. How did I miss the in? Why am I not part of the group. The eternal loner.IMG_7351.JPG