Hats! I need hats!!

So there is this job available, at this company, in an area, and I WOULD BE PERFECT FOR IT. I think I would slay this job harder than I have ever slayed. And oh, have I slayed. Yessir.

I immediately sent my CV for the job. That was 8 days ago. Since I feel like I am the perfect fit it dumb founds me that I haven’t gotten an urgent call begging me to start right away. Weird. But! Then it dawned on me. My CV is a black and white list of my credentials. Yes those are things I have done and achieved, but that isn’t me?! How are they ever going to know how flamboyantly kick ass I am from looking at that black and white list? They’re not. So I have come up with the idea of creating a video especially to apply for this job.

The job vacancy is for a producer in a creative agency. Being a producer entails overseeing a project from conception to completion and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution processes. Producers arrange funding for each project and are responsible for keeping the production within the allocated budget. Producers are essentially team leaders. God I was born for this role! I love reading, researching and assessing ideas and finished scripts. I am super proficient at using computer software packages for screenwriting, budgeting and scheduling. I am the first to think of ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, codes of practice and health and safety laws. And troubleshooting is like second nature to me.

So as you can see the individual needed for this job has to be very well-rounded and quick on their feet! Thus the idea for my video resume!

The scene will be set with myself in front of the camera. Mid shot with a white background. Using video cuts I will be seen talking wearing several different hats! Get it? Get it?





A lovely young white female wearing several different head attire stands before the camera.


Hi, My name is Kyli and I want to be your producer!

I am 27 years old, *gasps*, and I was born and

raised in Johannesburg. I have always had

a flare and love for creative media including

writing and visual arts. At TUT I studied film and

tv broadcasting and graduated summa cum laude in 2013.

I had always dreamed of seeing more of the world

so I took my passion for motion picture and went sailing.

As a video producer creating travel documentaries based

out of cruise ships meant I was a one woman show,

from concept through to delivery and sales, I did it all and then some.

My objectives are to create fresh and innovative content within

a team of creatives through media.

My love for media grew due to its dynamic nature.

Being a producer means being a dynamic individual with many skills.

In 1985 Edward De bono designed the Six thinking Hats system

which is a tool used for group discussion and individual thinking involving

six different coloured hats. I think this system can closely

relate to the roles of a producer!

The white hat represents data and information – production paperwork!

The red hat is associated with feelings, intuition and emotion – working

as a team leader and having gut instinct!

The yellow hat is for a positive view of things – finding production

solutions and keeping up moral!

The black hat relates to caution and critical judgment – production safety

and regulations!

The green hat is for creative thinking and generating new ideas – working

alongside directors and assisting conceptualization!

The blue hat is about process and control – ensure production

runs smoothly and on budget!

I would like to employ this way of thinking in the work I do in your team.

These are just a few of the many skills I posses

and have to offer you.

Not to mention my incredible dance skills!




I am really hoping that this video application sets me apart from the other applicants. At the very least I hope they take notice 🙂


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