Give a little less.

Dating. Being single. Liking someone. Rejection. New interest. The chase. The lead. The fall. The ache.

Why is it so difficult to simply have someone to share a pizza with you on a Wednesday evening? There are all these nonnegotiables and check lists and necessities. Like fuck, can I live? It’s so rare to simply have someone take the time to vibe with you. Find out what I am about, feel my energy and see if we can hum together. Then look at your nonnegotiable list and tell me how important those things are when you have someone you hum with investing their time and interest in your life. They may not be religious, but they’ll go to church with you and support you because you are their interest, and hell they invested. When you’re sitting in your back garden watching your beautiful kids running through the sprinkler under the hot sun and your wife brings you an ice-cold beer, will it really matter if she was 2 years older than you or that she sent the first message? Or will it matter that she stood by you through all your choices and as you became a man and helped you up when you stumbled and held your hand in public knowing you loved that she wasnt ashamed? That she only had eyes for you and only wanted to be your woman while you were her man. That she never pushed you or pressured you, only gave guidance and support. That she needed you and was grateful for each and every moment you shared. That she wanted to be the girl next door for you, but was always open and honest about her past.

If you have your head so far in the future why not be realistic. We are all living life and I am pretty certain we all know it doesn’t work out picture perfect each time. But the times it was messy and a little outside the lines were the best times of our lives and molded us into the individuals we stand tall being. Really ask yourself how much these nonnegotiables are going to matter far ahead in the future. If you feel the hum, let it vibrate through your life and trust that you will only look back and smile, because you know taking that chance changed your life. And set you in good stead for your future.

Can we just keep each other company?


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